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A wholly-owned subsidiary of ACLEDA Bank Plc. and providing services as a Securities Brokerage Business to individual and institutional customers, investors and the public.

New Opportunity, More Special! Trading Account with ACS!

ACLEDA Securities Plc. has honor to provide special service for FREE to apply for Investor ID (individual) and FREE to open trading account from NOW ON. Great to diversify your investment in trading stock and buying IPO shares!

Notice: You shall bear the cost of 20,000 Riel for Investor ID from SECC.
Reference to the SECC Meeting dated January 28, 2014:

"SECC reviewed and approved the Prakas on amending the validation of Investor ID in securities sector by extending the validity of Investor ID for 10 years".

ACLEDA Securities Plc. has a great honor to invite investors and the public, to apply for Investor ID and open Trading Account at ACLEDA Securities in order to trade securities and specially to buy the IPO shares of Grand Twins International Plc. (GTI) and other companies (Ref. to relevant news) such as T.Y Fashion, Ports, special economic zone, and real estate company, etc.
ACLEDA Securities Plc. is a brokerage firm registered, as a Public Limited Corporation, under the law of the Kingdom of Cambodia, authorized by the National Bank of Cambodia and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) to provide services as a Securities Brokerage Business to individual and institutional customers, investors and the public.

Vision: ACLEDA Securities Plc. aims to be Cambodia's leading securities firm providing superior services on securities to all segments of the community.

Mission: ACLEDA Securities Plc.'s mission is to provide customer, investor and public with the various securities investments opportunities efficiently and by doing so to improve the quality of their lives. By achieving these goals we will ensure a sustainable and growing benefit to our shareholders, our staff and the community at large.

We will at all times observe the highest principles of ethical behavior, respect for society, the law and the environment.

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Daily Closing Price 
Issue Name:
PPWSA  (04/03/2015 11:30:00)
Previous Day Price Current Price Change %Change Opening High Low Trading Volume (shr) Trading Value (KHR)
4,2004,280 0.0000000
Period:      -      
Date Closing Price Change Trading Volume(shr)Trading Value(KHR) Opening High Low Market Cap.(Mil.KHR) No. of Listed Shares(shr)
04/03/20154,280 8000000372,24586,973,162
03/03/20154,200 000000365,28786,973,162
02/03/20154,200 05002,100,0004,2004,2004,200365,28786,973,162
27/02/20154,200 04171,751,4004,2004,2004,200365,28786,973,162
26/02/20154,200 01,1004,620,0004,2004,2004,200365,28786,973,162
25/02/20154,200 05132,154,6004,2004,2004,200365,28786,973,162
24/02/20154,200 805002,100,0004,2004,2004,200365,28786,973,162
23/02/20154,120 1807963,317,6004,2004,2004,120358,32986,973,162
20/02/20154,300 000000373,98586,973,162
19/02/20154,300 208673,728,1004,3004,3004,300373,98586,973,162

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